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Property Owners Owe You a Duty!

Business and property owners in Georgia have a legal duty to protect visitors, customers and tenants from unreasonable dangers. Certain measures must always be taken in order to ensure any dangerous conditions are corrected (or warned about prior to correction) so that nobody gets hurt. If someone is injured because a property owner failed to correct the unsafe condition, the injured person may have a claim.

Often the first focus is on “damages” (the injury) because it is usually the most dramatic element to the incident. However, the presence of injury does not always mean the property owner can be shown to be at fault. In addition to “damages,” your lawyer must be able to show both of these critical elements:

  1. the owner had prior knowledge of the hazard, and
  2. the owner did not take reasonable steps to correct the hazard.

The “hazard” can exist in many forms, ranging from uncleaned liquid left on the floor (slip and fall) to a dangerous apartment parking lot known to attract criminal activity (negligent security). Whatever the hazard, if the owner knows about it and fails to take steps to protect you, there may be a claim we can pursue on your behalf.

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