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We Obtain Large Settlements for Drunk Driving Victims in Georgia

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Drunk drivers cannot be tolerated and the consequences of their wreckless negligence cannot go unanswered. We relentlessly protect the rights of DUI victims in every county statewide. We’ll preserve insurance policies early to prevent further injustice to those who have suffered.

As a result we routinely obtain 5, 6 and 7 figure settlements for drunk driving victims, even when injuries are minor due to Georgia’s laws on punitive damages. Find out why below. We serve every county in North Georgia and will come to you.

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Real Client Reviews from 2015 (DUI Victims):

Colleen M, Cartersville – Michael is helping send a message LOUD AND CLEAR – drunk drivers will NOT be tolerated! I live in Cartersville and found The Gumprecht Law Firm online after looking at multiple law firms. I was hit by a drunk driver on I-75, luckily I survived with minor injuries. I could have been killed. Michael got involved and forced the drunk driver’s insurance company to pay me a HUGE settlement as a penalty for that guy driving drunk. The money will certainly help me, and it will also help people think twice about driving drunk. He cares, returns calls very quickly and is an extremely smart lawyer. If you’re on the fence about hiring a lawyer, don’t be – Michael is exactly who you want to call. He was able to handle my case in a fraction of the time than what my previous attorney would or could do. Simply amazed with his work ethic and dedication. Hands down- the best lawyer I have dealt with in sometime! Thank you!

Tyrone M, Decatur – I was a passenger hit by a drunk 18 wheeler in Atlanta last June. Luckily my injuries were mostly soft tissue. First I met another lawyer but I wasn’t impressed. After my first call with Michael Gumprecht, I knew he was the smartest attorney I could possibly hire and I was right. He was INCREDIBLE and I know HE IS THE BEST LAWYER OUT THERE. He’s always available, solved every problem and the end result says it all. I walked away with SIX FIGURES in my pocket, even after everyone else was paid!! Truly life changing. I’m so happy I chose him. Some lawyers talk a big game but my experience at The Gumprecht Law Firm is solid proof: rolls royce service, a genius lawyer and a massive settlement. If you’re looking at some other lawyer like I first did, just stop and hire Michael Gumprecht right now. He is honest, determined and will take excellent care of you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you have done for me!

Ryne K, Marietta – I’m a police officer and was hit by a drunk driver in Cherokee County at the end of my shift. She was totally out of her mind and my cruiser was completely destroyed. I survived and Michael got me her entire insurance policy very quickly. He worked fast and we didn’t have to go to court which was great. Excellent job!! Trust your injury case to this office!!

Stacy G, Sandy Springs – awesome job on my case!! got my daughter and i $100,000 each for soft tissue injuries when we were hit by a drunk driver. hard working honest lawyer. thanks michael!!

Ben H, Canton – Last summer I was hit from behind by a drunk driver in Holly Springs. I was sore and not sure how to handle everything, and the insurance company wasn’t helping me at all. I hired The Gumprecht Law Firm and they took care of everything. They just settled my case for the full value of the policy and I thank you for all the help!!

Timothy L, Lithonia – Got me ten times my medical bills in court after I was hit by a drunk driver! This guy is legit and 100x better than my last lawyer who promised the world and did nothing. Injury lawyer supreme.

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Too Many DUI Victims In Georgia

The statistics are staggering. Two out of three Americans will be in a DUI accident in their lifetime. In fact, a drunk driving injury occurs every two minutes in the United States. These unimaginable losses are often coupled with the terrible knowledge that they could have been avoided had the driver acted responsibly.

After you suffer through a DUI accident, your injuries may result in loss of income, family hardships, or loss of mobility. But a successful personal injury suit can help you reach closure and regain financial stability.

How We Can Help

You may struggle to recover physically and financially after an encounter with a drunk driver. Juries are often sympathetic to the plight of DUI victims. Without a good lawyer on your side, however, auto insurance companies may draw out the process to diminish the value of your claim. Our local lawyers dedicate their time to get you the settlement you need and deserve.

Many law firms are willing to settle for a fraction of the damages a client deserves. We will never shortchange you. We commit to pursue a fair, complete settlement on your behalf from the moment we take on your case.

Attorney Michael Gumprecht is a fierce, compassionate advocate for those injured by drunk drivers. He goes further than any other personal injury attorney to get your maximum settlement. This may include potential recovery under Georgia’s Dram Shop Act. The Act allows the prosecution of any facility that knowingly served someone who was visibly intoxicated.

We are a contingency-based firm. We are not paid until you are paid by the responsible party’s insurance carrier.

The Gumprecht Law Firm serves clients in nearly every county in North Georgia. With multiple offices in Kennesaw, GA as well as Marietta, Atlanta, Cartersville, and all surrounding areas. Call us at 678-800-1050 for your 100% free legal consultation. We’ll answer your call 24/7 to help you begin your journey toward complete financial recovery.