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You can't go a single day without seeing an over-dramatic injury lawyer commercial on TV or one of their cheesy billboards on the side of the highway. The sad reality is, some lawyers are more focused on their own ego than your potentially life-altering decision as to which lawyer you will choose to represent your best interests after the injury you have suffered.

Worse yet, many older "injury" lawyers are suffering from burn-out, choosing to brag about their years of "experience" in order to cover for the simple fact that they would rather plan their next vacation than aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your case. These same lawyers will brag about a million dollar settlement that should have been pursued for twice as much.

With so much evidence existing in digital form, why would you trust your case to a lazy attorney, or one not expertly familiar with modern technology and digital forensic evidence gathering practices?

The Gumprecht Law Firm is different. We take the time to thoroughly document all of the ways in which your injury or loss has affected your life. We care about these details because they make all the difference when pursuing a fair settlement or verdict.

We know you have just one opportunity to recover from the other party's insurance company - and we believe that only takes one opportunity to do it right.

Our satisfaction comes from doing the necessary hard work to obtain the full value of your case. Any lawyer can settle a million dollar case for half value, but we enjoy pursuing full value because the end result is always the same: satisfied clients and an attorney who enjoys the hard work to reach that goal.

Even the smallest computer file can change the outcome of a case in a big way. Leave nothing to chance: we'll scan metadata, implement digital image filtering, scan electronic libraries for the latest case law, electronically simulate accidents for a jury in court, dig for archived website records even after they are taken down, search social media for any aggravating factors from the at-fault party -- the list is endless. The Gumprecht Law Firm can guarantee this expert advantage over the defending insurance company.

No matter how technology evolves, client service is the utmost importance to our firm. It is normal practice for us to return all missed phone calls or e-mails by the end of the very same day. This is a simply reflection of our primary goal that drives our attitude toward client service: respect.

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  • Michael is an AWESOME LAWYER. I was t-boned by a distracted driver in November and by April he wrapped up my case for six figures. He always answered the phone, helped get my medical bills reduced and took care of everything. I am so happy I found him. Smart young and highly motivated!!! If you are injured in an auto wreck this is the best accident lawyer I could possibly imagine.

    Dan Dewhurst, Alpharetta, GA

  • The best attorney we could have asked for. We had a lawyer that did nothing for us and switched to Michael! So happy we did! He helped my entire family get back on track after the accident. He’s a great choice!

    Lauren Murray, Cartersville, GA

  • He has been great to work with. Every time I have had a question or concern he has answered in a timely manner. He has always answered my phone calls or text within a couple of hours or sooner. My experience with Michael and his law firm has been great.

    Marie Webb, Commerce, GA